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Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner (StegAlyzerSS)

Steganography Analyzer Signature Scanner

Detect files containing steganography and extract the hidden information!

This seemingly innocuous image looks like an innocent picture of a train. Actually, it contains an image representing simulated child pornography. Critical evidence like this would probably be overlooked in a forensic examination without the use of StegAlyzerSS.

"Criminals are increasingly using anti-forensics tools to conceal evidence of their crimes. StegAlyzerSS helps me find key evidence hidden with digital steganography that would have been missed by traditional forensic tools."
-- Computer Forensics Professional

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Defense Cyber Crime Institute

"DCCI testing found StegAlyzerSS to be effective for law enforcement and forensic use. The signature search option produced a degree of confidence of 99.6%."
-- Defense Cyber Crime Institute


"StegAlyzerSS produced the expected results for all test scenarios. StegAlyzerSS was able to identify stegoed files based on the detection of unique signatures left behind by steganography embedding applications, regardless of payload size, for an accuracy rate of 100% and false positive rate of 2%."
-- CyberScience Laboratory