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Steganography Analyzer Real-Time Scanner (StegAlyzerRTS)

Steganography Analyzer Real-Time Scanner

Detect steganography artifacts and signatures in real-time over a network!

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  • Detect leakage of sensitive information and intellectual property outside the enterprise network through insider use of steganography

  • Detect insider use of steganography to conceal evidence of criminal activity

  • Real-time detection of files associated with over 1,225 steganography applications

  • Real-time detection of signatures of over 55 steganography applications

  • Real-time alerts to network security administrators

  • Enforce organizational policy prohibiting insiders from having or using steganography or other data-hiding applications on the enterprise network

EDN Innovation Awards 2010 Finalist

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Sensitive data leakage is of utmost concern to corporate management. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution providers offer products with a wide range of functionality and capability. However, none of these products detect insider use of steganography.

StegAlyzerRTS is the world’s first commercially available network security appliance capable of detecting digital steganography applications and the use of those applications in real-time. StegAlyzerRTS offers a “drop-in, turn-key” capability that will not affect network throughput.

StegAlyzerRTS detects insiders downloading steganography applications by comparing the file fingerprints, or hash values, to a database of known file, or artifact, hash values associated with over 1,225 steganography applications.

StegAlyzerRTS also detects insider use of steganography applications by scanning files entering and leaving the network for known signatures of over 55 steganography applications. StegAlyzerRTS detects insider theft of sensitive information hidden inside other seemingly innocuous files which are sent to an external recipient as an e-mail attachment or posted on a publicly accessible web site.

Product highlights in StegAlyzerRTS:

  • Detect fingerprints of over 1,225 steganography applications

  • Detect signatures of over 55 steganography applications

  • Exclusive Automated Extraction Algorithm functionality for selected steganography applications gives examiners a “point-click-and-extract” interface to easily extract hidden information from suspect files

  • Send real-time alerts to network security administrators

  • Retain copies of suspect files for further analysis

  • Does not impact network performance

  • Available in 100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s aggregated throughput models


StegAlyzerRTS is available for a license fee of $9,995.00 for the 100 Mb/s model and $24,995.00 for the 1 Gb/s model. The license includes technical support and all product updates and hardware maintenance for one year from date of purchase. License extension agreements available.

Operating Lease options for 12, 24, and 36 months are available with and without purchase at fair market value at the end of the lease.