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Steganography Analyzer Real-Time Scanner (StegAlyzerRTS)

Steganography Analyzer Real-Time Scanner

Detect steganography artifacts and signatures in real-time over a network!

City Skyline
This seemingly innocuous image looks like an innocent picture of a city skyline. Actually, it contains an image representing an engineering firm’s most prized schematic drawings. Your intellectual property or other sensitive information may also be at risk of being stolen. StegAlyzerRTS will alert you when steganography is present on your enterprise network.

"I know that steganography is out there and it’s definitely being used. I feel good about the protection that StegAlyzerRTS provides against insider use of steganography. Our intellectual property and sensitive information is essential to our business and we cannot let it walk out the door unnoticed."
-- IT Security Professional

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"StegAlyzerRTS is able to detect artifacts and signatures of steganography applications within network traffic at a fixed line rate of 1 Gb/s and varying levels of activity measured as the number of concurrent sessions per second."
-- Rochester Institute of Technology